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Materials laser treatment stations:

L-Master G7
L-Master R2-K

Laser welding stations:


Подобрать и купить строительные материалы, инструменты, работы, услуги вы можете на, кроме того здесь вы можете сравнить цены. У нас самый большой выбор качественного оборудования для обработки дерева и металла, среди которого деревообрабатывающие станки, пресса, нарезчики, фрезерные, токарные станки, универсальные станки для работы с деревом и металлом, ленточные пилы для распиловки а также шлифовальные станки для обработки поверхностей.
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    We proceed with nomenclature enlargement of elements basis in the direction of sources of optical pumping for solid state lasers, laser modules , laser emitter, laser nomenclature enlargement, as well as soft and mathematical products for laser equipment operation.

    The results of such work were represented at the international native exhibitions and won international and domestic recognition.




  The chief of department of new technologies
Gryn Andrei Petrovich

    "UkrAviaZakaz Ltd" combines the representatives of intellectual and manufacturing resources of Ukraine in the field of laser technology. The goal of integration is the foundation of the native elementary basis of laser technology to provide the possibility of the development and production of wide range of laser equipment with flexible response to increasing demands of Ukrainian and international markets.

    As a result of long term activity such entity consisting of scientific and technological personnel with longstanding experience of work in the field of laser technology capable to conduct effective development and production of modern laser technology was established.


Today we have developed the following products:


  • modern technological solid-state lasers of average capacity for industrial application;
  • number of solid state impulse lasers for laser impulse welding and cutting of the metals;
  • operation ensuring systems of all developed types of lasers, as well as power supply units, cooling systems and others;
  • number of modern control systems of laser beaming;
  • range of laser equipment for treatment of materials;
  • complex of equipment for laser metal welding;
  • equipment for laser emission analysis of chemical metals and alloys composition;
  • electric and mechanical systems of laser beam positioning and objects of laser treatment;
  • wide range of electronic components and units to use in laser equipment;
  • wide range of special soft product to provide efficiency and control of the above mentioned devices;
  • elements of special laser optics and accessories such as optics resonators, telescopes, lenses, etc.


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UkrAviaZakaz Ltd combines the representatives of intellectual and manufacturing resources of Ukraine in the field of laser technology and effectively cooperates with:





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